How to Download Free Videos on Desktop? –Without Any Special Software

Video downloading options are helpful to rookies to see online videos free. People are found using online virtual movies/videos watching platform. Definitely, online viewers have to buy subscriptions to be members of online video sharing parlors. However, they have a new feature to download free videos on android and smart phones without requiring any special toolkit like Keepvid.

Direct Video Downloading Tips

Naturally, you should search for better methods to keep sharing videos, movies and games without failure. Many free repositories have third party software which must be used to jail break the systems to have prompt results in the case of video installation. This type of video download or sharing is supported by these decoding tools. However, due to restrictions and a number of cons to install jail broken tools on mobile phones, people are interested to go for visiting sites to have support to download any video directly from the inventory without depending on any major software.  How does it happen?  Alternative methods to download videos from the sites must save someone to spend money in this connection.


 Video downloadable technology has been improved to a great extent. It is an entertainment package for you to collect videos for free download. The offline video watching is enjoyable and busy people like to watch short or long duration video clips on glossy screens whenever they get leisure time.  However, without software or any third party mobile apps tool, is it entirely possible for a newbie to launch the videos on desktop.

Innovative Tips to Download Videos without Software

According to professional tech experts, upgraded sites have few special features which are given to people to  do the direct video sharing. However, frankly speaking, you must check whether there is option for video download is applicable to any customer. In addition, in some cases, these vid screens are not fitted to old version or new edition of mobile phones. So device compatibility, availability of technology to assist video downloading and internet speed are essential factors to take care of.

 New Tricks

You tube videos are glossy. Under different sections, these videos are stored in archive. The online gallery to showcase top videos is on display brightly.  Without any special or complicated toolkit, go to download you -tube videos.  Open the page of you tube to select the vid and then copy the URL. Before posting it on the chrome or firefox address bar, add prefix ss with the youtube . You will see the new page of you tube video which is downloaded from “” portal.  On this new video downloading page, it is possible to start short-listing videos from the portal. You tube permits people to opt for specific videos for being downloaded on the systems.  
Free video parlors and social media sites post url of video links to open the main page. Choose the address of opening the video download page instantly.  Effective hands-demos must enable you to learn how to download new videos easily without any upgraded software.