Android – How to Disable in-app Purchases?

To be frank, online purchases are very enjoyable. People are seen buying various products from online stores. However, Android phone users can disable in-app purchase options to avoid over expenses.

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Follow Few Steps to Disable in-App Product Purchases

  • Hit Google Play Store
  • Hamburger option to be selected
  • Then go to the setting option
  • Finally, find the required authentication option to prevent automatic in-app purchases
  • Check instant demos to be competent to complete the entire process

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Manage Your Expenses- Disable In-App Purchase Mode

Reduce your expenses. Automated in-app purchase must be controlled.  Select the products you require.  However, now-a-days, people are also using finger print scanners to avoid duplicity. That means, third party agents can hack your information.  They will claim your purchases. Scan the invoice by using your finger prints.
Steps to Be Followed
  • Activate Google Play Store
  • There is Hamburger Menu located on the left side
  • Next to Settings
  • Final step is to tap “Fingerprint Authentication”
  • Cross check the box
  • New password needed to confirm the fingerprint authentication
  • The deal is done

Few Tips to Remember
  • Check the models of smart phones
  • If possible borrow sophisticated  jail broken tools to install it on the android device to have more features to disable the product purchase in-app toolkit
  • On demand, online customer care office will help you to manage the tech issue to stop instant in-app purchase

In this way, it is possible for you to save money preventing the over-expenses. Million customers online are seen buying products. They must have customer friendly budgets to reduce the over expenditure.  It is a great way to deactivate online in-app purchase option. Later you can also enable the in-app purchase by removing the obligations.